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Seminar / Workshops-Local Development Studies

Seminar / Workshops-Local Development Studies


  1. A three day national seminar on Political Economy of Climate Change and Sustainability was organised by the department in association with Department of Environmental Studies. Prof.MadavGadgil, distinguished Professor in Goa University and famous environmentalist, Dr C.T.S. Nair, UN consultant on environment &ShekharLuckoseKuriakose, Member Secretary, Disaster Management Authority, Kerala, were the key speakers on the seminar.
  2. A workshop on SPSS Software was conducted for MA & Research Students.3. A workshop on RRA/ PRA was conducted for MA Students.


  1. A three day National Seminar “Sustainable Development and Environmental Challenges” was conducted on 2016 June 7-9. MansoorAli Khan the author of the famous book The Third Curve was inaugurated the Conference. Dr.K.P. Kannan was presented a paper on Sustainable Development in second session of the seminar. Dr. T. Gangadaran was presented a paper titled “Panchayat Raj System in India” on the third session of the conference.
  2. A two day workshop on Environment and Development was conducted on 2016 September 27-28.
  3. Second university distinguished lecture was delivered by Prof. Mark Lindly, Professor, Sargoza University, Spain on 2016 November 11. The topic of the lecture was Environmental Economics and Amartya Sen.
  4. A Special talk on Research Methodology was conducted by the department which was led byDr. D. Shyjan, faculty, Department of Economics, University of Calicut.
  5. A one month Internship Programme for MA 4th semester students was conducted in association with Kerala Institute of Local Administration.


  1. A three day conference named “A Sustainable Development Vision for Kerala” was held on 25th& 26th June 2015 in IMG Auditorium, Thiruvananthapuram. The conference was inaugurated by Smt. SugathaKumari, a famous Malayalam poet and environmental activist.
  2. The Department organised an expert class on Environmental Economics in collaboration with Department Environmental Economics. Mr. K. Mahadevan, famous environmental- social activist was the key speaker.
  3. Students and faculty of Local Development Studies visited Integrated Rural Technology Centre(IRTC) on 17th march 2016.
  4. Students and faculties of Local Development Studies visited Kerala Institute of Local Administration (KILA) on 22nd March 2016.
  5. Aphoto exhibition on decentralisation named “Gramswaraj @20” was organised by the department on 16th February 2016. Ithighlighted the history of the Panchayat Raj System in the country.


  1. A Seminar on Sustainable Development in Education in collaboration with World Wide Fund of India and C.P. RamaswamiAyyar Environmental Education Centre conducted on 26th November 2014.
  2. The Department of Local Development Studies conducted a workshop on Nature- Man- Development in association with Koodu Nature Magazine on 27th March 2015.