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M.A./M.Sc Environmental Studies

M.A./M.Sc Environmental Studies

It is an interdisciplinary course which covers both the scientific and social dimensions of environmental studies. It takes the students through the history of modern science that has culminated in the heavy demand on natural resources and its consequences. The course discusses issues of sustainable development, biodiversity and natural resource management, climate change, social and political ecology, and contemporary environmental issues Kerala.

Board of Studies

  • Dr. Harilal (University of Calicut)

  • Dr. Jyothikrishnan

  • Dr. Vidyasagar

  • Dr. T. V. Sajeev

  • Dr. P. A. Aziz

  • Dr. Jaya D.S.

  • Dr. Jude Emmanuel

  • Dr. V. Balakrishnan

  • Dr. Jaini Varghese

  • Dr. Dhanya .R

  • Dr. Arun Babu V


  1. Click here for M.A EVS  (Up to 2020 Admission)
  2. Click here for M.A EVS(2021 Admission Onwards)
  3. Click here for MSc EVS (Up to 2020 Admission)
  4. Click here for MSc EVS (2021 Admission Onwards)