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Centre for Arabi Malayalam Studies

Centre for Arabi Malayalam Studies

Planned to build up an international repository for Arabi Malayalam studies


  • To undertake and promote studies on ArabiMalayalam writings
  • To build up a Digital Archives for ArabiMalyalam writings
  • To promote graphological studies, ArabiMalyalam Calligraphy
  • To prepare linguistic and stylistic descriptions
  • To prepare the Arabi Malayalam Literary historiography
  • To study the dimensions of linguistic and cultural syncretism between Arabic and Malayalam
  • To prepare a comprehensive lexicon for Mappila Malayalam
  • To create a bibliographic database of ArabiMalyalam writings and studies
  • To create educational and research resources on Arabi Malayalam
  • To promote Transliteration of Arabi Malayalam in to Malayalam
  • To undertake comparative literature studies with contemporary Malayalam writings
  • To map Arabi Malayalam knowledge heritage
  • To unravel to contact history
  • Internship and Human resource Training