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Students Union

The University has a democratically elected Students Union which looks after the students' welfare through its various programmes and welfare schemes. The University Union comprises a Chairman, General Secretary, two Joint Secretaries, two Vice Chairpersons, Magazine Editor, fine Arts secretary, General Captain and association members from all departments elected in presidential mode.The Union ensures its presence through various cultural and political activities organized in the University. Right from the day it assumed office, the union has involved in various welfare activities in and around the campus.  


University​ ​union​ ​representatives​ ​(2023-2024)

  • Chairperson                 :  Sreekanth O.
  •  Vice​ ​Chairperson      ​:  Priyananda A. K.
  •  Vice Chairperson      : Afsal Rafi
  •  General​ ​Secretary    :​ Sanjeev V.
  •  Joint​ ​Secretary        ​  : Neena Prakash C. V.
  •  Joint Secretary          : Alan Jomon
  •  Magazine​ ​Editor        :​ Anagaha K.
  •  Fine​ ​Arts​ ​Secretary  :​ Dhathriya P.S.
  • Sports Secretary        :​ Pranav K.

Association secretaries

  • Linguistics: Vinay T
  • Literature studies: Gayathri K
  • Creative writing: Sarath R Kiran
  • Culture and heritage study: Ajith E R
  • History: Arun Lal O
  • MCJ: Prajith Lal M P
  • Film studies: Vipin M
  • Development Studies: Athul Krishna T P
  • Environmental Studies: Chandhana P
  • Sociology: Afsal E M
  • Ezhuthachan Padanam: Amarsanad P K