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Research Council

Research Council

The Research Council is responsible for all policy decisions and guidance on matters relating to the research programmes of the University.

  • Dr. L. Sushama(Vice Chancellor,Chairman)

  • Dr. T.B. Venugopalapanikar (Dean, Faculty of Malayalam Studies)

  • Dr. Chathanath Achuthanunni (Dean, Faculty of Literature)

  • Kalamandalam Haimavathy (Dean, Faculty of Arts)

  • Dr. C. Rajendran (Dean, Faculty of Heritage Studies)

  • Dr. K G Paulose (Dean, Faculty of Traditional Studies)

  • Dr. Karnamaharajan (Dean, Faculty of Media Studies)

  • Dr. P.K. Poker (Dean, Faculty of Sociology)

  • Dr. C. Saidalavi (Director, School Of Linguistics)

  • Dr. E. Radhakrishnan (Director,School of Literature Studies)

  • Dr. Ashok A D’cruz(Director,School of Creative Writing)

  • Dr. Ragini K S(Director, School Of Media Studies)

  • Dr. Sreeja L G (Director, School Of Historical Studies)

  • Dr. K M Bharathan(School Director,School of Cultural Heritage Studies)

  • Dr. Swapnarani S S (Director, School of Sociology)

  • Dr. Dhanya R(School Director,School of Environmental Studies)

  • Dr. Mallika M G ( Director, School of Development Studies)

  • Dr. Sudheer S Salam (School Director, School of Film Studies)

  • Dr. K M Anil (School Director,School of Ezhuthachan Studies)

  • Dr. A. M Sreedharan (Literature)

  • Sri. Kalamandalam Prabhakaran (Fine Arts, Vice Chairman)

  • Dr. K.M Anil(Folklore)

  • Dr. K. Omanakutty (Music, Vice Chairman)

  • K G Paulose (Traditional Knowledge, Vice Chairman)

  • Dr. K Gopinathan( Media)