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Gender Justice Forum

Gender Justice Forum


Established on July 28, 2021, in accordance with the government order dated July 16, 2021, the Gender Justice Forum at Thunchath Ezhuthachan Malayalam University has been a cornerstone in promoting gender equity on campus. From its inception, the forum has launched various initiatives to foster awareness and cultivate a gender-equitable environment. Presently, Dr. Mallika M.G. chairs the five-member committee, with Haneesha T.P. and Phseela C representing the non-teaching staff, and Dhathriya and Chandana serving as the student representatives.


Inaugural Meeting


The forum's journey began with its first meeting, inaugurated by the then Vice-Chancellor Professor Anil Vallathol on August 8, 2021, through Google Meet. This event set the stage for a myriad of impactful programs and initiatives aimed at advancing gender justice and equality across the university.


Key Activities and Achievements


Over the years, the Gender Justice Forum has spearheaded numerous programs, each contributing significantly to its mission. Among these were regular awareness classes designed to educate students and staff about gender issues and equality. The forum also organized yoga and health training sessions to promote physical and mental well-being. Engaging the university community in rallies, discussions, and debates about gender justice further amplified their reach and impact.


The forum conducted comprehensive surveys and gender audit report writing to assess and analyze gender equality within the university. Notably, the forum secured the third prize in a drama competition in 2022, showcasing their dedication to creative expression in promoting gender justice.


Sports also played a vital role, with the forum organizing women's volleyball and chess tournaments, and swimming competitions during the Women's Day celebrations in 2023. In 2024, they extended their outreach by conducting a workshop for Anganwadi teachers on gender justice, highlighting their commitment to community education.


State-level competitions in poetry, story writing, essay writing, and art on the theme of gender justice were hosted, encouraging diverse expressions of gender awareness. Additionally, the forum promoted menstrual hygiene by distributing menstrual cups to students. They also organized a student gender camp and conducted a socio-economic survey of the fisherman community, demonstrating their broad spectrum of activities and community engagement.


Impact and Outreach


The activities of the Gender Justice Forum have significantly raised gender awareness both within the university and in the wider society. By addressing critical gender issues through education, sports, arts, and community outreach, the forum has established itself as a dynamic and active body involved in nearly all university activities. Their persistent efforts have not only educated but also inspired the university community, paving the way for a more progressive and inclusive environment.




The Gender Justice Forum at Thunchath Ezhuthachan Malayalam University stands as a beacon of gender equality and justice. Through its dedicated and multifaceted efforts, the forum continues to inspire and educate, ensuring a nurturing and inclusive atmosphere for all members of the university community.




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