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Centre for Language Technology

Centre for Language Technology

The Centre for Language Technology aims at developing key digital language resources and language technology application for Malayalam Language. The Centre is a part of University’s efforts to promote digitization of Malayalam language, which includes initiatives like development of digital lexicon, digital library and various language apps. Apart from developing language processing resources, it would produce digitals tools including android apps to learn Malayalam easily and place it globally.

The maiden resource developed by the Centre is a Comprehensive Digital Phonetic Data Base of Malayalam which is available at Malayalam Phonetic Archive

Another e resource developed by the centre is  a syllable splitter for Malayalam it is available in the following link Malayalam Syllable Splitter

As part of the project for Technology Aided Language Learning, the Centre developed a language learning tool namely Malayala Padam. The android version of the tool is made available in Play Store and the window version can be downloaded using the following link.