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Started in 2013 with just about 5,000 books, a handful of journals and magazines and occupying only about 1,000 square feet area, the library has grown substantially during the last four years. It now has more than 30,000 books and subscribes to about 100 journals and magazines (both in Malayalam and English). A new independent library building was constructed in 2016 and the present library is housed on the 5000 sq. ft. ground floor of the building. The new library can accommodate more than 40,000 books and provide reading seats to more than 100 persons at any given time. Other highlights of the library are:

  • Fully computerized, using the open source library management software Koha
  • Internet access to students
  • Digital library development in progress, using open source software DSpace
  • “Rare and old books” collection
  • In-house digitization programme
  • DELNET membership
  • Membership to local residents

Digital Library

The process to develop digital library service has just been started with the  acquisition of over 1,000 e-books from the Kerala Sahithya Academy. Also offers access to many e-journals and e-books. Soon in-house digitization work will be initiated recently

Rare Book Collection

Invitations were sent to several scholars, academics and authors in Kerala to donate their personal collections to the University library. The response has been good and we have already received over 3,000 rare and out of print books from a few, and offers are stills coming in. 

Membership to Local Residents

The University has thrown open its library facilities for use by the local residents. The Membership is offered only to teachers, graduates and college students, who are permanent residents of the surrounding panchayats.

Conference on Academic Library Management(CALM )

Malayalam University hosts a National Conference on Academic Library Management (CALM) every two years. The first CALM was held in 2015 and the second  in 2017.

CALM 2015

The first edition of CALM was held on 9-10 March 2015. The theme of the conference was “Academic Library Management: Challenges, Opportunities and Trends” . The Conference was inaugurated by Shri K.K Banerjee, Consultant, National Mission on Libraries and invited speakers included Dr. Jagdish Arora, Director, INFLIBNET, Dr Usha Munshi, Chief Librarian, Indian institute of Public Administration, Prof S Arunachalam, Fellow, Internet Society, Dr.M.G Sreekumar, Librarian, Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode, Dr. K.P. Vijayakumar, Head (Retd), Department of Library and Information Science, Kerala University, Shri N.V. Sathyanarayana, Chairman and Managing Director, Informatics(India) Ltd, and Prof.Shalini Urs, Department of Library and Information Science, University of Mysore. The inaugural function was presided over by Shri. K. Jayakumar, Vice Chancellor and coordinated by Shri P. Jayarajan , Library Advisor, Malayalam University.

CALM 2017

The second edition of CALM was held on 8-9 February 2017, the theme of the Conference was “IT Application in Academic Libraries”. Dr K H Kaul, Founder, Director, DELNET, New Delhi inaugurated the Conference which was attended by more than 150 delegates.

The invited speakers to the Conference included Dr. Ishwar Gowder , Managalore University, Prof K S Raghavan, former Dean , Madrars University, Prof AchuthSankar S Nair, Head of the Department of Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, Kerala University, Dr. (Mrs.) Samyuktha Ravi, Librarian, Pondicherry University and Prof A R D Prasad, Director, Documentation Research and Training Centre, IT application case studies were presented Dr Abdul Azeez of Calicut University, Dr T Sunita and Dr P Sreejaya of Indian Institute on Management Kozhikode, Dr Kunjumuhammed of Fisheries Universty and Dr Vimal Kumar of M G University. The two days conference was moderated by Dr K P Vijayakumar, former Head, (Retd) Department of Library and Information Science, Kerala University. The inaugural function was presided over by Shri. K. Jayakumar, Vice Chancellor and coordinated by Mr P. Jayarajan, Library Advisor, Malayalam University was the general Convener of the Conference.

New Additions to the Library

Last added : 30/01/2019