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About us

Thunchath Ezhuthachan Malayalam University was established by the Government of Kerala in 2012. The initial Ordinance of 2012 was replaced in April 2013 by the Thunchath Ezhuthachan Malayalam University Act 2013. The University came into being on 1st November 2012. The primary objective of the University is the promotion of study and research of Malayalam language, literature and Kerala culture. Malayalam University offers only postgraduate courses and research programmes through the medium of Malayalam. The cultural and intellectual heritage of Kerala is a major area identified for postgraduate and specialized studies. The University is mandated to study, document and preserve various cultural expressions and manifestations. Besides, the University will also take up research work to make Malayalam resilient to the possibilities of IT.


  • make the study of Malayalam language, literature and culture more relevant.
  • offer postgraduate courses with high academic standard.
  • take up culturally and academically relevant projects.
  • initiate research in critical areas.
  • undertake publication of books and journals.
  • pursue activities aimed at enriching Malayalam language to the needs of the day.
  • encourage translation of Malayalam works into other Indian and foreign languages.
  •  take up such studies, activities and projects that would make Malayalam capable of handling any area of knowledge at all levels.


Thunchath Ezhuthachan Malayalam University is an institution of excellence dedicated to the study of Kerala’s language,  literature, arts and other cultural expressions, intellectual traditions and the life of people in depth, with a view to generating new perspectives, knowledge and ideas and connect them with the present. The University will constantly watch the contours of the contemporary cultural changes and evaluate its complexity and to equip Malayalam language and Kerala’s cultural and intellectual life to meet the challenges of the future.


The University has the mandate to:

  • Offer courses and undertake research programes and  projects on such subjects that would directly or indirectly lead to the study and enrichment of Malayalam language, literature, culture and knowledge traditions,
  • Undertake suitable programmes and projects for constantly creating new knowledge corpus in Malayalam so as to make the language capable of handling any subject for academic purposes,
  • Set up archives, museum, library, digital resources and such other repositories to preserve Kerala’s culture and heritage,
  • Undertake activities aimed at redeeming the rightful pride, glory and global recognition of Malayalam language, literature and cultural expressions of Kerala,
  • Equip Malayalam language to undertake the demands of the new communication and digital technologies,
  • Set up Chairs, Study Centres and collaborative projects and to network with other Universities and institutions of repute in India and abroad for the advancement of the cause of Malayalam language, literature and Kerala’s culture and intelluctual heritage,
  • Create endowments and funds with the purpose of achieving the objectives of the University


Sri. Arif Mohammad Khan

The Governor of Kerala is the Chancellor of the University. The Chancellor is the Head of the University and shall (when present) preside over the meetings of the General Council and at convocation.

Pro Chancellor

Dr. K. T. Jaleel

The Minister in charge of Higher Education is the Pro Chancellor of the University and shall exercise the powers of the Chancellor in the absence of the Chancellor or when authorized.

Vice Chancellor

Dr. V. Anil Kumar (Dr. Anil Vallathol)

The Vice Chancellor is the principal executive and academic officer of the University and ex-officio chairman of the Executive Committee and Academic Council. Vice Chancellor is responsible for the management and administration of the University.