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M.A. Malayalam (Cultural Heritage)

M.A. Malayalam (Cultural Heritage)

The course has a comprehensive interdisciplinary approach & analyzes the unique cultural heritage of Kerala. The thrust areas of the course include cultural heritage, Kerala’s history, settlement patterns, cultural geography, linguistic and literary heritage, art heritage, agricultural heritage and knowledge traditions. The course also familiarizes students with institutions of heritage conservations, manuscriptology, archiving and archaeology.

Board Of Studies

  • Dr. M. R. Raghav Warrier

  • Dr. T. Pavithran

  • Dr. K.R. Sajitha

  • Dr. E. K. Govindavarma Raja

  • Dr. M. Zainaba

  • Dr. G. Sajna

  • Dr. K. M. Bharathan

  • Dr. Suneetha. TV

  • Dr. K. V. Sasi


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