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Language Survey

The University has completed its ambitious Survey of Dialects of Malappuram District. The Survey report was published in book form on the third foundation day of the University in November 2015. The survey has brought to light the versatility of Malayalam language and the social under-currents inherent in learning dialects. The survey has brought to light several Malayalam words that are in use only in Malappuram district. These words will be included in the Online Dictionary mentioned above. The survey paves the way for further research in the field. Soon a similar survey will be undertaken in the Wayanad district and eventually in all the districts, and Lakshadeep.

Heritage Survey

The first part of the Heritage survey of Malappuram District undertaken by the University has been completed. This was done with the cooperation of the local bodies. During the survey many rare and ancient objects, artifacts and archival records could be identified. The objects will be photo-documented and scientifically conserved. The next survey will be undertaken in Wayanad.

Translation project

Malayalam University has undertaken an ambitious project to translate several major Malayalam works into other languages. An Advisory Committee with the following members has been formed, 

  • Vice Chancellor (Chairman).
  • Sri K. Sachidananthan.
  • Dr E V Ramakrishnan.
  • Dr Jancy James.
  • Dr. J. Devika.
  • Dr M M Basheer.
  • DR T M Yesydasan.
  • Dr K M Sherif.
  • Smt. Mini Krishnan, Consultant

Publication agreements have been entered into with leading publishing houses like Oxford University Press (OUP), Orient Blackswan, Woman Unlimited, Navayana, Hatcette, etc.

Following books have already been published under this project:

  •  A Path and Many shadows
  •  Barsa
  •  Swarga
  •  Dalit Stories

Another six books are in various stages.

The University is also keen to ensure that Malayalam books get translated into other European languages. With this in mind, Malayalam University participated in the Frankfurt Book Fair 2016, in collaboration with several major publishers from Kerala. The University is also keen to ensure that good books in other languages get translated into Malayalam, especially technical books.

Museum Project

The University has established a comprehensive museum on Kerala heritage. The Museum exhibits various objects and archival records collected by and donated to the University. These objects and records have been comprehensively documented and scientifically displayed. The University will collaborate with other institutions in Kerala and elsewhere in the development of the Museum. Media archives and Cinema archives too will form parts of the Museum.