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Missionary Linguistics – Three Day National Seminar

Missionary Linguistics – Three Day National Seminar

  Dr. D.Babu Paul inaugurated the three-day national seminar on Missionary Linguistics organised under the auspices of the Department of Linguistics on October 3, 2016.  Dr. Scaria Sacharia, and Prof. Kee Nacchimuthu delivered lectures.  Prof. M.Sreenathan made the welcome speech.  Dr. Smitha.K.Nair made the vote of thanks.  In the Seminar that followed Dr.R.V.M. Divakaran, Dr.P.Somanathan, Dr. Darwin.L and Dr. Kunhamma presented papers.  Dr. Desamangalam Ramakrishnan has been the moderator.  In the seminar of the second day the contributions of the missionaries to the intellectual-cultural fields and printing, translation, women’s education etc. were evaluated.  Dr.Joseph Koyippally presented the paper “Missionary Translation” Dr.Meera Juliat spoke on women’s education activities. Dr. Asok Nambiar, Dr.Soniya E.Pa. Dr.Anoop Antony, Dr.C.Ganesh, Dr.Aji, Dr.M.Santhosh, Dr.C.Saidalavi, Ardralakshmi, Siji.C.N. and Sabna Pari presented papers Prof.M.Sreenathan, Dr.Roshni Swapna and Dr.G.Sajina have been the moderators.

                Dr. T.B.Venugopala Panikkar inaugurated the valedictory meeting Dr.M.Sreenathan has been the president.  In the first session of the valedictory day Dr.K.M.Anil presented the subject “The Textual Conception of Gundert”.  Dr.P.Lal Mohan presented a paper on “Media Management Dr.M.Sreenathan, Head of the Department of Linguistics made the welcome address and Dr.C.Saidalavi, Assistant Professor made the vote of thanks.  Nearly sixty papers of research students from various universities were presented in the seminar.  Dr. N. Manimeghalai, Director, Women Studies, Bharathi Dasan University Tiruchirappally addressed the delegates in the fourth day of the seminar.  In the meeting presided over by Prof. M.Sreenathan, Dr.C.Saidalavi, Assistant Professor was the moderator.  Dr. J.Devika writer and social activist and Dr.Deepa Sreenivasan, Central University, Hyderabad spoke in the seminar conducted in the forenoon of the fifth day.  Vice Chancellor Sri.K.Jayakumar inaugurated the valedictory function of both the workshop and seminar. The main lecture was delivered by Dr.Mary E.John of Centre for Woman’s Development Studies, New Delhi.

                In the conference presided over by Prof. M.Sreenathan, P.N. Soumya Assistant Professor made the welcome speech and Dr.S.Santhosh, Assistant Professor expressed the vote of thanks.