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Method and Methodology:  The Malayalam Ways of Knowledge Production

Method and Methodology:  The Malayalam Ways of Knowledge Production

  The three day national seminar on method and methodology:  The Malayalam ways of knowledge production was inaugurated by Dr. Scaria Sakaria on October, 26, 2016.  In the inaugural function presided over by Dr.M.Sreenathan, Academic Dean, Dr. K.M.Bharathan, Registrar in charge, Dr.T.Anitha Kumari, Head of the Department of Malayalam Literature, Dr.E.Radhakrishnan, Assistant Professor and N. Neethu delivered lectures.

                Dr. V.Sanil (Research Method and Justice) Dr.M.R.Raghava Varier (Knowledge Production – The Greater Tradition and Lesser Tradition) and Dr.K.M.Anil (An Introduction to Methodology) presented papers.  Dr.N.V. Muhammed Rafi has been the moderator.  In the session that followed P.Anitha and Deepthi.M. Joy, research students presented papers.  Dr. Roshni Swapna has been the moderator.  The discussions in the second day of the seminar made it clear that it is for redefining traditional knowledge and creating new streams of thought that the researchers are to strive for than simply following the knowledge obtained from traditions. Dr.P.P. Raveendran, Dr.P.S.Radhakrishan (M.G.University) Dr.M.Ajayakumar, and Dr. Pradeepan Pambirikkunnu (Sanskrit University) and Dr. Asok Dicrues presented papers.  K. Shruthi, Bernard, M.M.Ghanashyam and K.Jishila research students also presented papers.  Dr.E.Radhakrishnan and Sri.K.V.Sasi have been the moderators.

                In the seminar held on the last day Sri.C.Adarsh (Kerala Varma College) Sri.A.G.Sreekumar (Sanskrit University) Sri.K.Somalal and Dr.A.V. Raghavan and A.K.Vineesh, Neethu and C.Subrahmanian-research students presented papers. Dr.A Anwar Asst. Professor has been the moderator.

                The valedictory meeting of the seminar was inaugurated by Dr.Chathanath Achuthanunni, Director Vallathol Vidyapeedham and well known scholar.  In the conference presided over by Dr.T.Anithakumari, Dr. C.Ganesh, Asst. Professor made a brief survey of the research papers of the three days in his speech.  Dr. E.Radhakrishnan Asst. Professor made the welcome speech and K.Shruthi made the vote of thanks.