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IQAC-Accreditation Framework

IQAC-Accreditation Framework

NAAC has launched Revised Accreditation Framework since July, 2017 and hence AQAR format also modified, in cognizance with the new methodology. The tools and parameters are designed in the new AQAR format are in such a way that the preparation of AQAR would facilitate the HEI’s for upcoming cycles of Accreditation. Data collected/prepared infuses quality enhancement measures undertaken during the years. Further, it also adds quality enhancement and quality sustenance measures undertaken in teaching, learning, research, extension and support activities of the Institution. It is hoped that new AQAR would facilitate Educational Institutions for creating a good database at Institutional level for enhancing the quality culture.

As per the Revised Accreditation Framework (RAF), the NAAC Accredited institutions need to submit the AQAR online. NAAC is in the process of ICT integration in Assessment and Accreditation. The login id for the online submission for AQAR submission will be the e-mail id used for the IIQA. The AQAR submission is part of the post accreditation module, in due course of time.  NAAC portal will have the facility to submit the AQAR online and Institutions will receive automated response.

The Higher Education Institutions need not submit the printed/hard copy of AQAR to NAAC.

Mandatory Submission of AQAR by IQAC

The Executive Committee of NAAC has decided that regular submission of AQARs is mandatory for 2nd and subsequent cycles of accreditation with effect from 16th September 2016:

The following are the pre-requisites for submission of IIQA for all Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) opting for 2nd and subsequent cycles of A& A:  

  • Having a functional IQAC.
  • The minutes of IQAC meeting and compliance to the decisions should be uploaded on the institutional website.
  • Mandatory submission of AQARs on a regular basis for institutions undergoing the second and subsequent cycles of Assessment and Accreditation by NAAC.
  • Upload the AQAR’s on institutional website for access to all stakeholders.