M.A. Linguistics

M.A. Linguistics

MA (Linguistics) course is designed to facilitate the production of skilled human resource to face the challenges in a technology-driven environment. It is an interdisciplinary course and provides a comprehensive framework for addressing the emerging linguistic as well as technological issues in handling natural languages.  The course addresses the issues of language documentation and archiving of endangered languages, corpus making, study of  speech disorders, educational resource modelling etc.

Board of Studies

  • Dr. V. R. Prabhodhachandran Nair (Chairman)
  • Dr. T. B. Venugopala Panikkar
  • Prof. G. K. Panikkar
  • Dr. Naduvattam Gopalakrishnan
  • Dr. B. Sreedevi
  • Dr. S. Rajendran
  • Dr. Kunjamma
  • Dr. Elizabeth Sherly
  • Dr. M Sreenathan (Convenor)

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