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‘Samskriti’ 2017

‘Samskriti’ 2017

First Day

International Cultural Heritage Conference Dept. of Culture Heritage Studies, Malayalam University organized three day International Cultural Heritage Conference on “Recent Trends and Issues in Culture Heritage areas” conducted on 27 th March 2017 at Aksharam Campus, Malayalam University. The Programme was inaugurated by former Vice Chancellor, Calicut University and well known historian Dr. K.K.N. Kurup. Hon. Vice Chancellor Sri. K.Jayakumar presided over the inaugural function. Prof. Mary Bethheyston, Dept. of Visual arts, Charlston College,USA, was the Chief Guest who delivered keynote lecture. Dr. Scaria Sakaria, Sri. P.K. Sujith, Chairman, Students Union; Sri. A.K.Vineesh, Research Scholar delivered the felicitation speeches. Dr. K.M. Bharathan, HOD, Dept of Cultural Heritage studies welcomed the gathering and Dr. P. Satheesh, Assistant Professor proposed the vote of thanks.


After the inaugural function, different sessions are started at various venues arranged in the University. Dr. K.M. Bharathan chaired the first session based on “Cultural Heritage: New Trends”Dr.Scaria Zacharia Dr. K.M. Anil and Dr. Aju K. Narayanan were presented papers. Sri. Premkumar proposed vote of thanks. Following session started on “Local History and Cultural heritage”. Dr. Sreeja L.G. chaired the session. Dr. K.S. Madhavan, Dr. V.V. Haridas and Dr. P. Sivadasan spoke the occasion.

Vote of thanks offered by Sri. T.R. Sanal. After this, Dr. Aju K. Narayanan conducted Quiz progrmme at Rangasala auditorium.Dr. Asok Dcruz chaired the open forum, in which Sri K.K. Marar, an expert painter,and Sri, Raman Cheruvayal, traditional farmer shared their experiences. Sri. V. S. Anil proposed vote of thanks for the session. The first day of the conference ended with the Suphi music performed by Sameer Bincy at evening.

On second day

 Dr. E. Radhakrishnan chaired the first session based on” Kerala Art Heritage”. Dr. K.G. Paulose, Dr. M.G. Sasibhooshan, Dr. A.M. Sreedharan and Dr. Mahesh Mangalatt were presented papers. Thanks given by Kumari Amrutha Vijay. Following session chaired by Sri. K.V. Sasi on the topic “Kerala Cultural Heritage: Dalit Critique”. Dr. P. Sanal Mohan, Sri. K.K. Baburaj and Dr. Rajesh Kommath spoke the session. Sri. M.Vineesh proposed vote of thanks. Dr. C. Ganesh presided the third session based on “Contemporary Kerala: New Trends”. Sri. M.M. Somasekaran, Dr. Dineshan Vadakiniyil and Sri K.T. Kunhikannan spoke the session, and Sri. Raghu K. Palani proposed vote of thanks. After that, Dr. Desamangalam Ramakrishnan chaired the open forum on “Regional Culture: Heritage writing”. Sri. U.K. Kumaran and Dr. Shamsad Hussain spoke the session. Besides, the organizers honored Sri. U. K. Kumaran, famous Story Writer for getting Kerala culture academy award. Vote of thanks offered by Sri. V.K. Noj. The second day of the conference ended with various cultural programmes like film show, classical dance performed by Amrutha and Aswathy, and Malapulayattam by Idukki Hilpulaya Kalasamithi.

Third DAy

On the final day of the Conference, Dr. G. Sajana chaired the first session based on “Heritage Conservation: Challenges and Scope”. Dr. P.Rajendran, Dr. Sainaba M. and Sri.C.P. Abdul Majeed were presented papers. Kumari Anjali proposed vote of thanks.Following session chaired by Dr. Manjusha Varma based on the topic “Gender Justice 60yrs of Kerala”. In this, Dr.K.M. Sheeba, Dr. Mini Sukumaran, Dr. Soniya E.P. and Smt.Sreekutty were presented papers and Kumari Athira K. proposed vote of thanks. Dr. P.Satheesh chaired third session on “Kerala Trade: Re-Visit based on Musiris”. Dr. M.R.Raghawarrier, Dr.P.J. Cheriyan, Dr. Payas Melekandathil and Dr. M. Vijayalakshmi were presented papers. Sri. Jayaprakash P.K. offered thanks for the session. Dr. Anwar Abdulla spoke the final session on “Cultural Heritage and Cinema”. In this session, Sri.G.P. Ramachandran delivered special lecture. Valedictory function of three days International Cultural Heritage Conference was inaugurated by Prof. Michale Tharakan, Chairman of History research council. Sri, K. Jayakumar, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Malayalam University presided over the function.


Dr. P. Satheesh and Kumari Lijisha T., spoke about the overall evaluation of three days conference. Dr. K.M. Bharathan, Registrar in Charge, Malayalam University welcomed the gathering and Dr. G. Sajina proposed vote of thanks.The valedictory function was followed by various cultural programmes were performed at campus. The programmes like Theyyam performed by Jishnu & Party,Irinavu and Poorakali by Monacha Bhagavathy Temple Poorakali group.

As the part of International Conference, ‘Cultural Expo’ was arranged in the Aksharam campus, Malayalam University. Various stalls from Eringal Sargalaya Craft village, State Archeology department, Ethigraphy division, Dept. of History and Folklore studies of Calicut University, Kottakkal Aryavaidyasala and Malayalam University were arranged in the Expo. The exhibition time was from morning 10 am to evening 5 pm.The organizers arranged special opportunity for students to visit the Cultural exhibition.