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Projects-Cultural heritage studies

Projects-Cultural heritage studies

Heritage Survey


The first part of the Heritage survey of Malappuram district started by the University has been completed. This was done with the help and cooperation of the local bodies. During the survey many rare and ancient objects, artifacts and archival records could be identified. The plan is to photo-document these objects after subjecting them to proper restoration. The next phase of the survey will be initiated soon in consultation with the respective elected representatives of the areas. A similar survey will also be undertaken in Wayanad district.

Heritage Survey – Wayanad

We started our second phase of heritage survey in Wayanad district in April 2016. We have completed the priliminary survey in all Panchayaths & Municipalities of the District.  Priliminary   report of the is under printing.


Heritage Museum

The antiquity of Kerala needs to undergo continuous research and interpretations. This inquiry is a core activity of Malayalam University, where Kerala’s cultural heritage is a major subject of study and research. In the objects of everyday life of yester years could be seen the finger prints of the lifestyle, values and social history of people. This museum presents objects, pictures and materials that evoke the dimensions of Kerala’s social history and antiquity. Our knowledge about the intellectual, commercial and agricultural traditions of Kerala has been condensed here. The museum also tries to place the legacy of local histories and culture alongside our contemporary awareness and knowledge. This is a preparation for the setting up of an elaborate Museum of Kerala Heritage which Malayalam University visualises.