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School of Linguistics

School of Linguistics

The Department of Linguistics at Thunchath Ezhuthachan Malayalam University was established with an aim to promote linguistics study and research on the entire aspects of Malayalam language. The course structure is designed to facilitate the production of skilled human resource at international standard to face challenges in technology driven language science. Both M. Phil and Ph. D programs guarantees that its students will have acquired the knowledge and methods for finding scientific and technological solutions and that they will be able to make credible innovation in Language technology research and documentary, forensic, educational and clinical linguistics besides theoretical branches of Malayalam linguistics.Our goal is to integrate teaching, research and service. Our curricular engagement is particularly suited to fulfill this mission, with its emphasis on connecting academic with civic learning and on helping students understand the public purposes of their disciplines and commit themselves to improving human condition. This Department strives to meet global requirements in hi- tech and emerging thrust areas.


Title of the Project

Name of the Funding agency Duration Status
Dialect Survey of Malappuram District Dialect Survey of Malappuram District

The project “The Linguistic Portrait of Kerala” is aimed to document Malayalam dialects to the achievements of the corpus linguistics. This wide coverage intends to record the speech corpus of Malayalam language. This Project comprehensively records the internal variation in spoken Malayalam.

The initial area selected for the survey is Malappuram District. The purpose is to document the variation in the spoken language in a geographical area and eventually to bring out a dialect atlas of Malayalam. This survey is done based on questionnaire containing the detailed word and sentence list developed by the department of Linguistics,

TEMU 2014-15 published
SamagraMalayalam Dictionary This dictionary will be developed as a web based dictionary with interfaces to different classes of users.The envisioned dictionary is first of its kind in Indian languages which contains information from linguistic (phonological, morphological, Syntax and Semantics), Sociological and Anthropological functionalities.

The project conceived has two parts the linguistic part which deals with the lexicographic details and the Computational part which deals with the database and search.

The implementation of the project is divided into three phases with well-defined deliverables for each phase.

The project involves 5 organizations- a consortium of IIITK, C-DAC and AUKBS Research Centre, Chennai, who work together in achieving the state of the art dictionary with all its functionalities.

TEMU 2014- Forthcoming
Malayalam Phonetic Database This project has been initiated to develop a comprehensive digital phonetic data base of Malayalam.

It provides in a digital format, a fairly comprehensive database taking into consideration a carefully compiled inventory of phones currently employed in the Malayalam language. It is accessible online for every student or researcher actively involved in the areas of Phonetics, Phonology, Malayalam language teaching, speech synthesis, and several other aspects of language data processing.

The data provided comprises 1000 words with gloss, audio recordings (wave/MP3 format) and phonetic transcriptions (IPA).

TEMU 6months Published online

MalayalaPaaDam Technology based linguistic research for human welfare is having paramount importance. To promote Technology Aided Language Learning of mother tongue education, this project is initiated.

The project was designed as to support the move of the state government to make the Malayalam learning compulsory in all schools including CBSE schools in state.

A language learning tool namely MalayalaPadam is designed in the form of word game that introduces all the syllables of Malayalam to the primary level learners. The android version of the game is available in Play Store. The concept of the game was developed by Ms. Aiswarya, the PhD scholar in the Department. The Chief Minister released the word game at a function held at the University campus on March

TEMU 6months Published online
Preparation  of Feminist Keywords This project is initiated as part of the major initiative of the department on documenting and disseminating knowledge based terminology of Malayalam.

It is to map lexicographically how feminism is discoursed in Malayalam and Malayalam’s role as a knowledge transmission media.

TEMU 6months published
Documentation of A.R Rajarajavarma’s Writings and writings on A.R Rajarajavarma This project was initiated as part of TEMU’s beloved series of publication programme.Also to pay honour to Prof. A.R.Rajarajavarma, the beloved  Malayalam linguist as part of the on-going  centenary celebrations, this project was initiated

TEMU 6months published
Comprehensive bibliography on Malayalam Linguistics- Articles, Books and Thesis. This is initiated as part of TEMU’s commitment to develop online information repositories for wider dissemination

TEMU 3months published
Comprehensive bibliography Tribal Linguistics of Kerala- Articles, Books and Thesis. TEMU 3months published
Comprehensive bibliography on Arabi-Malayalam Articles, Books and Thesis. TEMU 3months published
Syllable splitter Developed for speech synthesis and other web technologies

TEMU 3months On Going
Dialect Survey of Wayanadu District   2017-18 ongoing
Documentation speech disorder corpus This project is based on the language disability studies initiated by the Department of Linguistics, TEMU. Intended to develop language technology based solutions for the rehabilitation of linguistically differently abled.

  2017-18 ongoing
Samagra NighanDu We all agree that societies without dissent are lethal and disastrous. The public space of Kerala has been attributed as the culture of dissent. The present exercise is proposed to look at the dissent culture within the backdrop of culture of indifference. How are political attitudes of the dissent socially constructed in the cultural context of Kerala may be an intriguing enquiry.

How the dissent is expressed and communicated is the theme of the enquiry. The language of dissent can be adopted, adapted or modified through time. This study attempts to map the diverse culture of expression manifests dissent lexicographically. Collection and description of key terms in the field of agitation and protests to reflect the humanistic vigilance of the politically literate Kerala society. This emic character of Malayalam makes the language distinctive universally.

  2017 ongoing

Teaching Staff

  • Dr. TB Venugopal Panicker

  • Dr. B. Sreedevi

  • Dr. S. Rajendran (Amrita University)

  • Dr. P. Madhavan (University of Hyderabad)

  • Dr. Gireesh (University of Madras)

  • Dr. S. Kunjamma

  • Dr. M. Sreenathan

  • Dr. C. Saidalavi

  • Dr. Smitha K Nair