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MA Development Studies and Local Development

MA Development Studies and Local Development

M.A. Development Studies is a unique course which deals with problematizing the development process. It focuses on the economics, sociology and politics of development process, addresses governance issues, the development experiences of Kerala and India, human development, the theory and practice of decentralization, public finance, research methodology; project management and quantitative methods are some of the areas covered.

The primary objective of this course is to create skilled social scientists that are capable of involving in local development of Kerala.  It is possible for the students to write UGC NET/JRF examinations in public administration, Economics, Gender studies, Gandhian studies etc.

Board of Studies

  • Dr. Mallika MG

  • Dr. A.P. Sreeraj

  • Dr. Rama Kumar

  • Prof. Sunny George

  • Prof. Shahina.P

  • Prof. M.H. illiyas

  • Dr. C.R Pramod

  • Dr. Sivakumar

  • Smt. Sreeja V.


  1. Syllabus(Upto 2020 Admission )
  2. Syllabus(2021 Admission Onwards)