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Gundert chair established in Tubingen University
Herman Gundert Chair established by the Malayalam University came into existence on 9 October 2015. Shri Jayakumar, the Vice Chancellor of the Malayalam University and Professor Scaria Sacharia, Gundert Chair Professor attended the ceremony held at the Tubingen University in the distinguished presence of Professor Karin Amos, Vice President of the Tubingen University. The ceremony was also attended by more than hundred Malayalees from Germany and other European countries. In a major display of art forms from Kerala, Kalaripayattu and Mohiniyattam were presented. A two-day seminar on ” Malayalabhashayum Pravasikalum” was also held . Another attraction at the event was a special display of “Gundert Archives”.

Students exchange programme
As part of the students exchange programme, three students from the Tubingon University spent a month at the Malayalam University to familiarize themselves with Malayalam language and Kerala heritage. Similarly a batch of three MCJ students from the Malayalam University spent a month at the Tubingon University under the Tunbigon University’s students exchange programme.

As part of the collaborative project a comprehensive book on Gundert and Kerala, edited by Prof Scaria Sakariah was published by the University recently.