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School of History

The Department of History, one of the most outstanding and budding research and teaching departments of the Thunchathu Ezhuthachan Malayalam University, provides a very good academic atmosphere to the student fraternity. The Department is home to a vibrant and dynamic community of history scholars. The department’s objective is to teach history in our mother tongue Malayalam. Under the auspices of the University, the department had conducted various programs including national seminars, invited lectures, academic journeys, etc. The fascinating national seminar conducted by our department at Sulthan Bathery, in Waynad to give an insight to the public on the issue of the protection of the engravings at Edakkal, is one of such ventures.

The department gives priority to the study and research on Kerala history and culture. Apart from the post graduate degree, in the current academic year we will also start the M. Phil and Ph.D. programs. We offered one separate paper for archaeology. Our highly sophisticated and advanced class rooms made the teaching effective. The implementation of discourses, discussions, seminars and academic journeys prove the quality of education. The Department has now two permanent faculty members and two visiting professors including the veteran, Dr. M. R.RaghavaVarier and Dr. M. Vijayalakshmi with a wide range of research specialties.

Teaching Staff