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Film Studies


 ‘Film Studies’’ envisages in depth academic studies and research in Cinema. It is not a pure filmmaking course; however, filmmaking is not totally neglected too. The course is designed to produce results in the area of film teaching, film writing and filmmaking.


  • To introduce film studies as an emerging descipline of academic domain in Kerala
  • To introduce academic research in film studies
  • To undertake research projects in the field of cinema with a priority to Malayalam Cinema
  • To organize film related activities extensively aiming to cultivate a new film culture


The Dept.of Film Studies came into existence on 17 August 2015 .The Dept. offers M.A.Programme in Film Studies. 10 students were admitted in the first batch from the rank list prepared from the combined marks of entrance examination and degree course. The third batch of students was admitted in August 2017.

Prof. Madhu Eravankara was appointed as Visiting Professor and Head of the department on 17th August 2015.

As no permanent faculty was appointed classes were handled by the H.O.D and visiting faculty from the panel of experts. Prof Sivaprasad ( Former faculty of FTII, Pune), Sri Vijayakrishnan ( Film Critic), Sri Sunny Joseph ( Cinematographer), Sri Krishnanunni ( Sound Technician) are among the eminent experts handling  the classes.

Two Assistant Professors , Dr. Vidya.R and Dr. Sudheer Shah Salam  have joined as permanent faculty on 13-10-2016

University has provided a full-fledged state de art Movie Theatre for the screening of films to the students. Regular Film screenings are done in the theatre and on every Wednesdays it is open to all.