Malayalam University Malayalam University


Administrative set up

Malayalam University has a General Council and an Executive Committee. The General Council is the supreme authority of the University. The Executive Committee has the executive powers including general superintendence and control over the institutions and activities of the University. The Executive Committee is competent to take administrative and academic decisions subject to the provisions of the Act and Statutes.

The Academic Committee has overall control and regulatory powers on academic matters. The Academic Council is responsible for maintaining high standards of research and study.

Shri. Palanisamy SathasivamShri. Justice P. SathasivamChancellor.


The Governor of Kerala is the Chancellor of the University. The Chancellor is the Head of the University and shall (when present) preside at the meetings of the General Council and at convocation.



abdurabbProf. C. Ravindranath Pro Chancellor.

Pro Chancellor

The Minister in charge of Education is the Pro Chancellor of the University and shall exercise the powers of the Chancellor in the absence of the Chancellor or when authorized.

k-jayakumarShri K. Jayakumar Vice Chancellor.

Vice Chancellor

The Vice Chancellor is the principal executive and academic officer of the University and ex-officio chairman of the Executive Committee and Academic Council. Vice Chancellor is responsible for proper management and administration of the University.

Malayalam University has a Registrar in charge, an Accounts Officer and an Administrative Officer to assist the Vice Chancellor.

Besides, there is a Library Consultant, Editorial Consultant and a Media Consultant.